Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Inc.


Excalibur: About Us

Excalibur is a private non-profit
volunteer organization dedicated to
providing adaptive boating and
fishing opportunities for persons
with disabilities.
Our goal is to provide unlimited,
FREE access to Lake Erie, as well
as offer developmental, therapeutic
and recreational opportunities for
Human Service agencies and their
related programs.

On average, it costs
Excalibur $75.00 per
person to provide
services for a two hour
session.  Excalibur
programming depends
on your support.


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 2 hour trips

10am- 12pm

12pm- 2pm

6pm- 8pm

Saturdays and Sundays *Special
Events and Family Support Service

10am- 12pm

12pm- 2pm

For all trips, please be dockside at
least 10 minutes beore boarding.

Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Inc.
90 North Drive
Buffalo, NY 14216
Phone: (716) 831-3188
Email: jim@excaliburls.org



Opportunity. Accessibility. Dignity.

Adaptive Boating
and Fishing
Opportunities for
Persons with



The 'Richard A. Smith'

Originally built for the rugged
lobster trade in the Florida Keys,
Island Hopper boats can withstand
the most extreme weather conditions.
The "Richard A. Smith" was custom
built as the first commercial, USCG
certified. wheelchair accessible
passenger vessel in the 30' T-boat
category. The special design features:

     * Widened and reinforced
     * Raised decks
     * Front and rear wheelchair lifts
     * L-track hold-down system
     * Cabin model with full cockpit
        camper top
     * Custom foldaway cockpit
     * Boarding ramps and steps
     * Plus a full array of safety

Frequently Asked

Q: Does the boat go out in bad
A: The "Richard A. Smith" goes out
rain or shine.  If there are high winds
and/or whitecaps, you will receive a
phone call to reschedule your trip.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Please dress accordingly.  It's
better to overdress than under dress.
We suggest slip resistant shoes,
sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

Q: Do I need to bring my own fishing
A: No. Fishing equipment is provided
by Excalibur.

Q: Are pet animals allowed?
A: No, but service animals are
welcome.  Guests are responsible for
cleaning up after the animal
appropriately. Please make sure the
animal wears a marker identifying it
as a service animal.

Q: How do I make reservations?
A: Please call our office between 9am
and 5pm Monday through Friday
with the exact number of guests

Since1985, Excalibur has
served over 60,000
people with an average
of 5,600 hours of



NFTA Boat Harbor
1111 Fuhrmann Blvd.
Buffalo, New York 14203

The Wheelchair Access Dock is
behind Dug's Dive Restaurant


One of Excalibur's thousands of happy beneficiaries was
Angelo Coniglio.  Click HERE to see his page.






















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