The Tricolis

          In our lives, we make many friends.   Some are for the moment, some for a season or two, but some are for life.  Jackie Provenzano, a Lafayette girl, married Marty Tricoli, a Hutch guy (but we forgive her).  Through the years, they have been our neighbors (in WNY and in Canada!), confidantes, advisors, and most of all, true and dear friends.    
           The photos below are just a small part of their lives, and the love that they've shared with us.


Marty Jr. & Johnny

Chucky, King of the Beach


Jackie and the Twins
~ May 2006 ~

Maria and Johnny Tricoli
~ December 2007 ~


Maria and Johnny inherit Jackie and Marty's driving skills
~ March 2007 ~


Jackie, Monty and Martin
~ July 2004 ~

'Whadd'ya wanna do today, Marty?'
'I dunno, Jake, whadda you wanna do?'


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