Angela De Gaetano

.Born: 13 July, 1863 ~Montalbano di Elicona, Messina, Sicilia
Died: 14 January, 1955 ~ Buffalo, New York

Meaning of DeGaetano (dee-guy-TAH-noh): child of Gaetano


Angela DeGaetano with infant Salvatore Bongiovanni  and Gaetano Bongiovanni
~ 1898 ~



        In 1863, the year my maternal grandmother-in-law Angela DeGaetano was born, Sicily had only recently been a part of Italy. 
       Three years earlier, Garibaldi had invaded the island and taken it from Bourbon Spain.  With his Camisi Russi (Red Shirts) and Sicilian partisans, he captured Sicily and presented it to the King of Savoy in the Risorgimento, or Unification of Italy.  It was a great day for Italy, but to the Sicilian people, it was just another sad conquest leaving it ruled by others ~ this time the northern Italians.
         In 1863, Italy (including Sicily) was a monarchy ruled by  Vittorio Emanuele II. 

         In the United States in 1863 there were 35 states.  The Civil War was raging, Abraham Lincoln was President, and on January 1 he issued the Emancipation Proclamation.



     Year 1884, day 8 May
at hour 8:45 AM                                                       , in the Town Hall
of Montalbano Elicona                                                 open to the public. 
      Before me Lodovico Faranda, Mayor    
Official of Civil Records, in official garb, have appeared in person:
1st: Gaetano Bongiovanni, age 21;
born in Montalbano, living in said place, son of Giusep
 resident of Montalbano, and of the late Francesca Infantolina,
once resident of said place; 2nd: Angela Degaetano,
age 21;
*spinner of thread, born in Montalbano, living in
said place
, daughter of Giuseppe, a resident of Montalbano,
and of Vincenza Corica residing in said place .
 They have asked that I unite them in marriage; to this effect they
 have presented me with the documents described below, and through
examination of these and those already produced when requesting
banns, all of which, supported by my review, I insert in the volume of
attachments to this register, resulting in no objection to the celebration
of their matrimony, I have read to the couple articles one-thirty, one-thirty-one and one-thirty-two of the Civil Code,
and asked the groom if he intends to take as wife Angela
here present, and of her if she intends to take as husband
Gaetano Bongiovanni
here present; and as they have each answered
yes with full understanding, and as have the
witnesses indicated below, I have pronounced in the name of the Law
that the couple is united in matrimony.
At this certification have been present:
Nicoḷ Todaro Mastropaolo
age 48,
*landowner, and
Ferdinando Parlavecchio age 46,
both living in this Town. 
A record was presented of the certification of the first marriage banns executed by me on the 20th of this past April, and the second on the twenty-seventh of the month
    The above-recorded matrimony was given consent by the
father of the groom and the parents of the bride, with the
exception of the late mother of the groom, as is explained in the record of the request for marriage banns

 The present document was read to those assembled, but is signed only by me and the two witnesses, the betrothed having said they don't know how to write

Nicoḷ Todaro Mastropaolo,Wit.
  Ferdinando Parlavecchio, Wit

The Mayor, Official of Civil Records
Lodovico F

Number 16

 Gaetano Bongiovanni
Angela Degaetano



















* Indicates the occupation or status.

From Montalbano di Elicona Registri Stato Civile Film 1726999,
1884 Marriages, Gaetano Bongiovanni and Angela Degaetano

This translation is factually correct.      
To conserve space, it is not a strict literal translation.     



Jennie Bongiovanni, Angela DeGaetano and Mary Bongiovanni
~ about 1915 ~


~ 1913 ~

~ 1943 ~

 Angela DeGaetano Bongiovanni


Angela DeGaetano married Gaetano Bongiovanni on 8 May 1884 in Montalbano

Francesca Bongiovanni: 2 Apr 1885 -
(Married Filippo Presti)
Giuseppa Bongiovanni: 26 Jul 1888 -
(Married Giuseppe Santo Presti)
Giuseppe Antonio Bongiovanni: 23 Nov 1890 - 6 Mar 1891
Vincenza Bongiovanni: 30 Jan 1892 -
(Married Gaetano Cernuto)
Maria Bongiovanni: 6 Jun 1895 -
(Married Filippo Cernuto)
Salvatore Bongiovanni: 26 Nov 1897 -  15 Mar 1988
(Married Mary Lanza)

Anna Bongiovanni: 5 Aug 1901 - 19 Jan 1902



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