Carmelo Liotta (Liota)
13 April, 1900 ~ Racalmuto, Agrigento, Sicily
Married t0 Rosina Puma: 12 September 1929 ~Racalmuto
Died: August 1980 ~ Buffalo


Meaning of Liotta [lih-OH-tuh]: from the given name Leotta, a pet form of the name Leo



           Carmelo's civil Record of Birth gives his surname as Liota.  In Sicilian records the surname was often also spelled Liotta, which is how he spelled it in the United States.

From Racalmuto Registri Stato Civile Film 1796348, 1900 Births, No. 203, Carmelo Liota


 Number 203
~ . ~
Carmelo Liota





hIndicates the occupation or status.

   Year one thousand nine hundred ___ on day sixteen___of April
at hour eleven thirty-five in the Town Hall.
   Before me, Liborio Rao, Secretary delegated by the Mayor with the act approved on three March eighteen ninety-four _
Official of the Civil Status of the Town of Racalmuto, has appeared
Salvatore Liota__, age thirty-one__,*sulfur miner__, domiciled
in Racalmuto, who has declared to me that at the hour five-
of day thirteen
of the current month in the house located at via Purgatorio number _____________ by Marianna Vizzini, his

wife, living there with he himself________________
is born a baby of the male sex who he presented to me and to whom he gave the name Carmelo
At this presentation and this registration
were present the witnesses Calogero Barra-


fato, age thirty-four years, *sulfur miner, and Diego Capitano,
age sixty years, *sulfur miner, both residing in this Town I read
this record to those assembled, who have declared not to know how to
write, so it is signed below by me alone.

[Signed]  L. Rao

     Carmelo Liotta emigrated to the United States at age 18 in about 1918. He returned to Sicily and was married to Rosina Puma on 12 September 1929 in the Church of Maria Santissima del Monte in Racalmuto.  Since the year 1503, the church has been the site of an annual festival on the second week of every July.  A highlight is the horseback riders who surge up the steps leading to the church.

.... .... .... ....

      Part II.                         RECORDS OF MARRIAGE

 No. 14   

Carmelo Licata
Rosina Puma










Today 13 September 1929  VII
the notice of the transcription
following on the right, has been transmitted to the Pastor of the Mother Church of this
Town ~
The Official of the Civil Status

Enrico Macaluso

Year nineteen twenty-nine on day thirteen of the month of September at hour 9 thirty in the town Hall
I, Doctor Enrico Macaluso, Mayor by Royal Decree of
twenty-four march nineteen twenty-seven, approved,
and Official of the Civil Status of the Town of Racalmuto,
have received from the Mother Parish the original of
the record of Marriage, from which appears as below __

Record of Marriage - 
Today twelve September nineteen
twenty-nine at hour eleven, before me Priest Francesco
Petrone duly delegated by the Vice Steward, in the
Church of the Mount
of Racalmuto, appeared : Mr.

Carmelo Liota
, age 29, bachelor, born
and domiciled in Racal-
muto, a barber, son of Salvatore, and of Marianna Vizzini
both born and domiciled in Racalmuto, and miss Rosina Puma, maiden,
age eighteen, a housewife,
born and domiciled in Racalmuto
daughter of Calogero and of Antonina Giudice,
born and domiciled
in Racalmuto, in the presence of witnesses Messers Calogero Lombardo,
age 29, a tailor, son of Nicoḷ, and Calogero Capitano
age 30, a shoemaker, son of Vincenzo,
born and domiciled in Racalmu-
to; to contract matrimony between them, according to the arrangements
of the Holy Roman Church. _____
With the approval of the Reverend Episcopal Curia of Agrigento cert-
ifying that the ecclesiastic marriage banns have been
posted on days 1 and eight of September 1929, and the Civil banns on
days 1 and 8 of September 1929, I questioned each of the betrothed
about the canonical regulations in the presence of the above-named witnesses,
and having received their mutual consent, I have declared them united in
matrimony according to the rite of the Holy Roman Church - Immediately
after they gave their consent, in the presence of the above-named wit-
nesses, I asked the betrothed about the Sacramental
requirements of marriage, also the Civil, reading to them
the Civil Code articles (130, 131, 138) regarding the rights
and duties of couples. After this, I drafted the record of ma-
trimony in duplicate originals, one of which is
kept in this Parochial archive, the other intended
for the Office of Civil Status of this Town of Racal-
muto to be written in the civil registers. -
I read this record to those assembled and with me they have
signed below -
[Signed] groom Carmelo Liota -
bride Rosina Puma
[Signed]  Calogero Capitano  - Calogero Lombardo
The delegated Pastor
Francesco Petrone >>
I, the here undersigned Official of the Civil Status, recorded
the combined approval of  the record of matrimony,

            RECORDS OF MARRIAGE         Series B. 91  

which was was confirmed by my review of the above-noted original,
and I
inserted it in the volume of attachments of this register.-
This transcription reflects the above verbal proceedings
and I sign below
Enrico Macaluso


From Racalmuto 1929 Atti di Matrimonio, Part II, No. 14, FamilySearch image 89/142, Carmelo Liota and Rosina Puma   


       Carmelo and his bride Rosina remained in Sicily after their September 13, 1929 marriage, until their departure from Palermo on the SS Conte Grande, returning to Carmelo's home in Buffalo.



Carmelo gives Angelo his first haircut ~ 1963


 Carmelo Liotta married  Rosina Puma on 12 September 1929 in Racalmuto

Marianna Liotta (Marian)

Antoinette Liotta (Ann)
Salvatore Liotta (Sam, Sal)


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