Dear Mr. and Mrs. Coniglio,                                                             6/24/02

            I would like to take this time to thank you for the scholarship money given to me in your daughter's name. It is such an honor to have received the Angela Coniglio Award.

            After reading the portfolio sent to me about her, I have learned that Angela truly was an amazing person. She is the exact role model I need to keep me focused. She demonstrates athletic and scholastic achievement that not just any athlete can achieve. From what I have learned she was strong and caring about other people. I will never forget the day that I received the Angela Coniglio Award.

            As I sat in my seat and listened to Mrs. Riccio speak about Angela's accomplishments, I was truly awed and then she called my name. Not only was I was receiving an award at the Amherst Central High School Awards ceremony, honoring athletics but equally importantly honoring thesignificance that Angela Coniglio had on friends, family and her teammates.

            My Aunt Carol went to school with your daughter and she told me stories of what a great person she was and how athletic she was throughout high school. I hope to follow in her footsteps and become a true legend some day.

            I plan on going to NCCC in the fall majoring in Physical Education. I also want to minor in sign language. I hope by being a Physical Education teacher, I can advance women's athletics and some day be involved in professional women's sports. When I go to school in the fall I am going to play basketball and softball on a partial athletic scholarship. I also plan on making a difference in many children's lives when I start teaching, because Angela did.

            Thank you again for this honor. I will strive to do my best knowing that I have a great legacy to follow.


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