Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity

      Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity was founded by several Lafayette High School students in about 1948 or 1949.  Many members were in the 1950 and 1951 graduating classes.  In 1950, the school still recognized fraternities, and TZT purchased the ad below for the Oracle Yearbook.
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President................. Salvatore A. Montagino
Vice-President............ Peter M. Donatelli
Treasurer................. Vincent J. Croglio
Secretary................. Laurie T. Zabaldo
Sgt.-at-Arms.............. Louis J. Tufillaro
Pledge-Master............. Charles A. DeMarco



Back Field Left to Right:  Harry Peasland, Louis Tufillaro, Arthur Reid, Vincent
Croglio, William Ray.  Left to Right, Line: Dudley Gilmore, Jerry Wyncoop,
Warren King, Peter Macras, Patrick Smith, Tony Iezzi.
Top Row:  Richard Bavisotto, Arthur Reid, Louis Tufillaro,  
Dudley Gilmore, Vincent Parlato, Harry Spillman, Mike Renna,
Peter Scaglione.  Second Row: Ralph Rizzo, Horace Alessi,
Peter Macras, Joe Pellegrino, Arthur Crawford, Vincent
Croglio, Fred Gipps, Tony Iezzi, David Tritchler, Anthony
Gennaro.  Bottom Row: Harry Peasland, Alan Flagg, Warren
King, William Ray, Patrick Smith, Jerry Wyncoop.


Bottom Row:  Jerry Cox, Prudence Algera, Ned Manno, Joan Ellworth
Top Row:  Suzan McMillan, Mariano La China.
Top Row:  Charles Dinardo, James McPherson, Ronald Montesano,   
Frank Spina, Stephen Rose, Charles Leone, John Smaldino, John
Lauria. Bottom Row: Charles Torch, Richard Lo Cicero, Robert
Lennon, Joseph Lo Galbo, Donald Moffatt.


Bottom Row: Robert Russell, William Daniels, Kenneth Finch, Fred McLellan, Sal
Montagino, Warren King.  Top Row: Joseph Bellanti, Louis Cegala, Joseph Lo Galbo,
William Bald, Kenneth Smith, Richard Lo Cicero,Harry Peasland, Dennis Malin.
Top Row:  Jack Pellegrino, Harry Spillman, Walter Welch   
Louis Tufillaro, Joseph Mauro.  Bottom Row: Jack
Livingston, Duane Snyder, Arthur Russell, Patrick Smith,
James Cordovano, Peter Scaglione.



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