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Golf Outings

      Since about 1994, a group of TZT members, plus some relatives and friends, have gotten together under the leadership of John Gugino and held golf outings at various spots: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and later in Florida, at Kissimmee, Orlando or Davenport.  For most of us, the golf was secondary (and amateurish), it was the camaraderie and the bonding with old friends that was important.

      Most of the photos on this page are thanks to Tony MascellinoTony and Russ Mascari are old friends who attended McKinley High School.  They didn't have a chance to pledge for TZT then, but they're now our 'Honorary Pledges'.  The late Lafayette grad Joel Buffamonte (Joe Buff) is also shown in some of the photos.  Joel was an 'Alpha Zeta' man, but was always welcome at our outings.
      In 2015, Joe Cardinale sent me additional photos which had the big advantage of being dated.  Joe's contributions are indicated by

Myrtle Beach (JC)


Mangano and Liotta


We golfed at Orlando and visited St. Augustine. (JC)

                           Mangano             Mascellino  Ari Bouris   Mascari    Gugino  Liotta               Fiorella    Genco      Coniglio


Myrtle Beach Airport

Back Row: Ange, Mike Fiorella, Dick V., Sam G., Bill T., Joe Cardinale
Front Row: Sam L., Russ, John,
Tony, Dee Dee Felix

      We stayed at a hotel on Myrtle Beach.

          Tony Mascellino  John Gugino
                                            Joe Polito      Sam Liotta         Bob Mangano
           Russ Mascari        Tony Mascellino          Little Dick Vara      David Martin
 Russ, Dick and David are Gugino's cousins 
         Ange                          Russ                Joe Card          Tony
                     Bill       Joe        Sam      Russ        Joe    Tony   Mick   Dick Chuck John    Ange    Charlie G.

Tony  and  John



On the left is my wedding party, in 1961.  On the right is a 1998 golf outing.

Joe P., June F., Sam L., Jean M., Angie, Ange, Mike, John

         Joe Polito,  John,  Ange, Mike Fiorella, Sam Liotta


We golfed at Orlando. (JC)

Sam Liotta                              Dick Vara

      John Gugino                                                                 Chuck Grosjean          Bob Mangano

             Bob                          John             Russ   Tony          Joe Giambra       Dave Martin
                       Liotta                         Vara                        Genco   Joe Polito

 2000 and beyond.
In later years, all the get-togethers were in Florida.  I'm guessing the years, based on the amount and color of the hair.

Ange C.,  Sam L.,  Joe Polito, Dick V., Tony M., Russ, Bob M.

~ about 2000 ~

                                                Dick Vara
                     Russ    David        Bill Tufillaro   Chuck Grosjean    John      Joe Buff  
~ about 2003 ~

The boys tired of the strip clubs, so I took them to Cape Canaveral.

Space shots at the ready.
I used to know the names of each - ??

Sam Genco, Ange, Russ, and John
Overlooking the launch pads

                                 Chuck G.     John                     Tony      Joe Polito
Our home away from home, Davenport, Florida

Bill Tufillaro showing off the smooth swing of a professional
(a professional chef, that is!)

David, Erv, Sam, Chuck G., Ange, Joe Polito, John, Russ, Tony, & Dick

We're all smiling, so it must have been before the golf match.

           Bob M.  Dick Vara      John       Chuck Polito
is saying: "You'll like this sausage much better
than the food at that damn seafood restaurant!"

Chuck Polito   Bill T.                Russell               Dick      John                                                     Sam Genco

     John's bro-in-law               John         David
             Erv Holmes   

Joey Polito
"Cu lu sapi?"

Chuck Polito                Tony                   Joe Buff                     Bill T.

Charley Polito addresses the ball:
"Hello, ball!"

"Goo'bye, ball!!"

    Joel Buffamante          John          Chuck Grosjean

Joe Buff's swing

         Bill T.          Joe Buff       Chuck P.   Tony M.


      2007 (JC)

Bob Mangano       Frank D'Arrigo

Tony Mascellino       Erv Holmes

Ange Coniglio       Frank D'Arrigo

Joe and Ann Cardinale welcomed us to the Villages on a day trip.

                     Dick     Erv     Tony    Russ

                         Joe     Sam    Bob       Frank

Bob, Ange and Joe ~ Disney World

                       Sam   Joe    Frank    Bob

Frank and Sam

Frank shows off his perfect form




     Chuck P.    Sam Genco
 Ange        Dick   
Tony                Joe P.     John
      Sam Liotta        Bob Mangano

The group in Buffalo at the Kenmore Village Restaurant
Left: Russ, Ange, Joe Cardinale, Mike Aronica
Right: Bob, John, Chuck Raccuia, Sam Genco, Tony


The weather was poor, but the company was great!  (JC)

  Chuck Grosjean                  Tony  Dick    Bob
               Looking for a ray of sunshine.

 Joe Cardinale
Dressed for bear.

                 Bob                                  Ange       Tony                      Chuck Raccuia
                                        So we can't golf: we can dream!



      4 June 2019
Welcoming John back from Floroda

     Chuck Raccuia,  Russ Mascari,  Ange Coniglio, Frank D'Arrigo,  Tony Mascellino, John Gugino


If anyone has photos of other golf outings (especially 2014 and 2015), please send them to me so that I can add them.


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