Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity

      Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity was founded by several Lafayette High School students in about 1948 or 1949.  Our late brother Joe Polito had among his effects some original minutes of fraternity meetings and other fraternity documents.  Meetings were held weekly, sometimes at a member's home, sometimes at locations like the Massachusetts Avenue Butler Mitchell Club.  Weekly dues were twenty-five cents. 

       Joe's widow Louise passed these records on to the late Bobby Mangano, who in turn gave them to me, Ange Coniglio.  More records will be added as time permits.    Click on each page to see a larger image.



      In addition to minutes, various other documents were preserved, like this draft of a letter to be sent to members who were delinquent in their dues or other funds owed to the fraternity.  The members named evidently paid up or were forgiven, as they remained as brothers and friends.

             So that we may
clear up our
   balance our books and clear up
   your financial problems we demand
   your appearance at the next meeting
  April 13
3th at 7:45 P.M.   who
             Each member
that ows a
  debt to the Fraternity will be
  required to pay up his debt or
that he
 will be removed from the roster and
 no longer be a member of Tau Zeta
 Tau Frat. Inc.
         We hope for your own good
that and the
good of the frat that
 you head this warning.
and in
that way remain a member

This is the original letter which
                 was sent to:
                           Sam Genco
                           Little Dick Vara
                           Big Dick Vara
                         and written by
                          John Alongi TZT
                          Corrections by
                          J. Gugino Pres. &
                          Joe Cardinale Ass. Tre.


      Below are rules for pledges of Tau Zeta Tau Fraternity.  There were usually two pledge classes per school year, one in the spring and on e in the fall, each lasting six weeks and ending with an 'Informal Night'.  Most pledges, but not all, were students at Lafayette High School.  The handwritten note at the bottom reads "All of the above are automatic marks", meaning that failure to comply would result in automatic demerits against the offender.   At weekly meetings, pledges received one whack with a prepared broom for each demerit.  The top photo shows a weekly meeting, with pledges Joe Adinolfe, Paul Voak, Ange Coniglio and Joe Polito wearing 'pledge hats' or 'beanies'.  Center photo is Ange Coniglio receiving whacks from John Smaldino as Jim Gaglione holds him.  Bottom photo shows Frank D'Arrigo and Charlie Manuele on their Informal Night.


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