Volume III, No. 1

May 10, 2008  

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He Who was Lost
is Found Again

       This is the fourth issue of a newsletter meant to keep Tau Zeta Tau Brothers in touch.  If You're planning to visit Buffalo, or travel to a place where a brother lives, let us know, and we'll publish the information so that you can connect up.
       If you have any news to share with your brothers, let me know.

Liotta to
Tie the Knot

    The word is out that Sal (we used to call him Sam) Liotta and his long-time friend Gina Howell will be married this Fall in Binghamton, NY. 
   All Sal's brother's wish the best for Gina and him, for cent'anni.


Mangano Joins

    Remember "little" Bobby Mangano
   Well, it finally happened.  He's one the last of the local  brothers of Tau Zeta Tau to retire, selling his very successful business, The Bulb Man, and heading for a life of (some) leisure and golf with his lovely wife Ursula.
       As far as we know, Larry Cerasa and Frank Sciortino are those still among the employed. 
         Some guys never give up!

       After over fifty years, long-lost (he wasn't lost, we were) TZT brother Bill Hardy found us through the TZT web pages.  Bill spent time in California and the "Sun Belt" is now retired from his first career with Bell Industries, and is married to Donna, his wife of 14 years, and living in Columbia, SC.
      He now works at the same hospital as Donna, registering senior citizens.  billhardy@sc.rr.com

California, here I go (Part II)

       Bob Doldan rldoldan@earthlink.net has sold his California.home, and is now living in Morrisville, NC, where he hope his proximity will make it alittel easier to visit Buffalo occasionally.

Buffalo Visits

       If any out-of town brothers plan on being in Buffalo in 2008, let me know, and I'll post the dates of your visit.  That way, if others from out of town are here during the same period, you can get together.
        One possibility is to buy a ticket or tickets ($25 per person) to the Pig Roast that Joe Cardinale's son Jim puts on every year at his property on the Boston Hills.  This year's roast is on Saturday, July 12.   Any brother in WNY at that time should plan to go.  See the story to the right.

The Cardinales at the 2007 Pig Roast >>>>

Cardinale's Pig Roast
(and unofficial TZT Reunion)

     $25 per person includes soft drinks and beer, hot dogs, hamburgers and side dishes for lunch, and later, a dinner with roast pork  right off the spit.  Send checks to Jim Cardinale, 9044 Rockwood Road, Boston, New York 14025.  Contact Jim Cardinale at jnm6cards@roadrunner.com if you have questions.

2008 Roast will be held on July 12. 



     Some of you may already know that I'm doing amateur genealogy.  I've traced my own family roots back about five generations, to the 1750's.  I do the work at the local Mormon Library, which has ordered many microfilms for me, showing birth, death, and marriage records from my parents' home town of Serradifalco, Sicily.  In addition to the films I have rented, the Library has films from Mussomeli, Racalmuto, Aliminusa, Montemaggiore, Montalbano, Marianopoli, Montedoro, and others.
     If any of you have Sicilian roots, and would like me to try to find information on your ancestors, give me as many details as you can (name, maiden name if appropriate, date of arrival in the U.S. and age at the time, name of their home town, etc.).  I'll try to find whatever I can.  

      If you'd like to do some research yourselves, let me know, and I'll point you in the right direction.  One place to start is my page at http://www.conigliofamily.com/ConiglioGenealogyTips.htm.  




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