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1979 Reunion at the Kenwood Restaurant

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"Little" Dick Vara's retirement, 7/22/2001

At Crystal Beach, 8/28/2001

Mangano, Coniglio, J. Polito, Vara, C. Polito, Liotta, Genco, Gugino

 C. Zabaldo, Coniglio, L. Zabaldo, Montagino
W. Tufillaro, Leo Howard, V. Croglio


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Dick N. & Steve L. 
in Florida 4/02
Gina, Sam Liotta, Danielle, Jacquie
at Sam's birthday.
Bob paying Dick to lie
about Bob's golf game.
Same thing, 50 years ago.



At Sam Liotta's 65th birthday

At the kickoff of LHS's 100th year.

Bob Mangano, Dick Vara, John Gugino                          
                               Joe Polito, Sam, Ange Coniglio

In this photo are Frank Sciortino,
Vin Croglio, John Gugino, Dick Vara,
Dick and Bud Nola, and Ange C.



Gina and Sal
September 20, 2008

At Gina and Sal's wedding:
Little Dick, Ange, Sal and Bobby


Visiting Joe Polito in Pittsburgh ~ March 2011


Joe Polito, Bob Mangano

Dick Vara, Joe, Ange Coniglio, Tony Mascellino


Breakfast at the Kenmore Village Restaurant ~ June, 2011


Standing: Joe Cardinale, Leo Howard, Tony Mascellino, Ange Coniglio, Big Sam Genco, Chuck Raccuia, Little Dick Vara, Russ Mascari, and Bob Mangano

In front: John Gugino


Visiting Joe in Geneva ~ June 2011


Bob Mangano, Chuck Raccuia, Joe, Dick Vara, Ange Coniglio

At Chef's, 12 August 2011


Chuck Raccuia, Ange Coniglio, Dick Locicero

Dick Locicero, Jim Gaglione


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