Before Aunt Angie and I, Aunt Mary and Aunt Connie left Belgium for Sicily, Shelly Miller Steht, Emma Feingold, Dawn Scinta Sowa, Jackie Miller Knight Feingold and Tara Steht Wright went to mainland Italy.  There, they visited Rome and Florence, and in Prato, near Florence, met my cousin Raimondo Coniglio, son of Giuseppe, and Raimondo's children and grandchildren.

Prima della zia Angie ed io, la zia Maria e la zia Concetta hanno lasciato il Belgio per la Sicilia, Shelly Miller Steht, Emma Feingold, Dawn Scinta Sowa, Jackie Miller Feingold Knight e Tara Steht Wright sono andate a l'Italia continentale. L, hanno visto Roma e Firenze ed in Prato, vicino a Firenze, hanno visitato con mio cugino Raimondo Coniglio, figlio di Giuseppe, e con gli bambini e nipote del Raimondo.


Rome ~ the Swiss Guard

Roman ruins ~ 2006



Grasshoppers made from palms ~ Florence

Dawn never saw a cappucino she didn't like!



Tara's new jacket

Tara, Dawn, Emma, and Jackie in Florence



Sunset in Florence

The Duomo, Florence



Claudio Coniglio,
grandson of
Giuseppe Coniglio


Claudio Coniglio and his father Raimondo
(son of uncle Giuseppe Coniglio) and
wife Filomena D'amore with
Jackie Miller Feingold

Tommaso Venezia, son of cousin
Rosina Coniglio
, his wife Sylvia and their son Kevin Venezia, with Claudio Coniglio
and Anna Maria Coniglio Cuppari



Claudio, Raimondo, Anna Maria, Tara, Dawn,
Emma and Michele



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