Click on the underlined link to reach the venue. the official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, 'Mormon') site requires you to register, but is free to use.  No religious requirement, nor any proselytization by its provider.
The link takes you to the catalog, where an ancestral town name may be entered to bring up a list of available census, church, or civil records.  Many records may be viewed anywhere on various devices, some records are restricted but may be viewed for free at an LDS Family History Center.
In addition to Sicilian and Italian records, the site has records of all types from around the world, including U. S. and state censuses, ships passenger manifests, etc.  The site also permits entry of your family ancestry information to a "world" Family Tree.

To locate a Family History Center, or an Associate Library, go to Find FHCs
Antenati is the common name given to the official Italian Portale Antenati or Ancestors Portal.  It is free, and viewable in Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  It has ONLY Sicilian and Italian civil (and some church) records, but often can be used to find records that are missing or illegible on familysearch or other venues.
Although the Antenati images can be viewed for free, some contortions must be gone through in order to download an image.  For example, when found, my father Gaetano Coniglio's 1889 birth record No. 158 from Serradifalco is at page 188 of 207 at the URL
however, the image at that URL can't be downloaded.

To get a downloadable image, copy the characters after the last slash, 0MyQdMe, then in the string below, replace the XXXXXXX with 0MyQdMe
then click on that link for the image. is a subscription site. Its records include limited but still useful amounts of records from many villages in several Sicilian provinces.  Like familysearch, it also has records of all types from around the world, including U. S. and state censuses, ships passenger manifests, etc. is also a venue that offers testing of DNA through AncestryDNA, and includes the feature of being able to build and maintain your pedigree or family tree on line.
Historical Diocesan Archive of Agrigento is a free site which contains church records from the 1500s through the 1940s for municipalities in Agrigento (formerly Girgenti) province in Sicily.
Indices of civil records of Birth, Marriage and Death for Valledolmo, Palermo Province, Sicilia Births of Valledolmo.xlsx

Deaths of Valledolmo.xlsx

Marriages of Valledolmo (Groom).xlsx

Along with are other venues which offer DNA testing and comparison, and their own approach to building on-line trees: 23andMe, MyHeritage, FtDNA and
GEDmatch is a free site that allows results from many different DNA venues to be entered and compared. free site for searches of ships passenger manifests.  Manifests may be viewed but not downloaded, hard copies may be purchased.  It can be used to search for records, which may then be found and downloaded from familysearch or is a free site that allows more effective searches of the site.  Searches can be filtered by surname, town name, date of birth, etc.
The Buffalo News may be searched for articles, death notices and obituaries of Western New York residents.
Fulton History is a newspaper archive of periodicals around New York State that may be searched by name, keyword, etc.
On line searches by name can be run on sites like Wikipedia, YAHOO!, and facebook.
Google Translate will translate words or phrases to or from one language to another.
Individual words can be translated from English to Sicilian or Sicilian to English, at English-Sicilian
When an address is known, some U. S. Censuses may be searched by Enumeration District or 'ED', for residents' information.
For links to numerous Sicilian genealogical topics, go to Sicilian Links.




















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