Sicilian Links

"Sicilian Studies" pages by Angelo F. Coniglio

Sicilian and Italian Civil Records ~ 1820 through 1910

Sicilian and Italian Marriage Records ~ 1820 through 1865

Microfilms of Sicilian and Italian Records at Buffalo LDS Family History Center ~ On Extended Loan.

Sicilian and Italian Occupations as reported in civil records

Cognomi ~ Sicilian and Italian Surnames

Sicilian Town Place-names used as surnames

Foundlings ~ A treatise on abandoned children in Sicily and Italy

Heritage Path ~ original Sicilian vital records, transcribed and translated.

The Sicilian Naming Convention ~ how children's given names were chosen

Ngiurii ~ Sicilian Nicknames

Women's Surnames

Latin given names in Sicilian

SICILIAN GIVEN NAMES ~ Americanized Sicilian given names

Americanized Surnames

Finding Our Sicilian and Italian Immigrant Ancestors ~ lectures.

sicilianitÓ ~ on being Sicilian

Is Sicily 'Italy'?

I'm a Sicilian American ~ and proud to be one.

Finding Living Sicilian Relatives

THE SICILIAN LANGUAGE ~ An English - Sicilian Vocabulary.

Arms of Sicily ~ explanation and examples of Sicilian nobles' Coats of Arms

La Bedda Sicilia ~ My history of Sicily


The Thing ~ a sad chapter in Sicily's history.

Here are other links, to a few of the hundreds of sites that present the history, mystery, and beauty of Sicily and Southern Italy,
or describe how their peoples' descendants in the U. S.  retain their pride in the homeland of their fathers.
If you find others, please let me know about them.

Siculophile Steve Campo has a facebook page where you can read or write in the Sicilian language;
ask how to say an English word or phrase in Sicilian;
ask what a Sicilian word means in English;
or learn (or teach) Sicilian.

A blog devoted to history, thoughts, authors and links pertaining to
 the Mezzajiurnu, the area of the southern Apennine peninsula and insular Sicily
that once comprised the KIngdom of Sicily and later the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Sicilian Reading List ~ fact and historical fiction set in Sicily

ARBA SICULA (Sicilian Dawn) ~ A non-profit organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicilia. 
Includes audio of the spoken language of Sicilia!

ART DIELI'S PAGE ~ Great concise chronology, Sicilian-American theatre, the Jews of Sicilia.
Be sure to check the poetry written in the Sicilian language!

Best of Sicily ~ Extensive site with pages on history, culture, indigenous peoples, etc.

the ISLE OF MAN ~ A connection to the Triskelion, the symbol of Sicilia.

CAD╚MIA SICILIANA ~ A transnational, non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion of
education, research and advocacy of the Sicilian language.

Jewish Genealogy in Sicily ~ History, surnames, resources and bibliography.

LA ROSAWORKS ~ Sicilian trips, tastes and thoughts.

MONTEDORO ~ a site by Kathy and Peter, about the town "just over the hill" from Serradifalco.

  Michael Lodico's website with Sicilian genealogy, word meanings, and more.

TOM VERSO's blog ~ "South of Rome - West of Ellis Island"
This blog is a MUST if you are an American of Sicilian descent. 

Times of Sicily ~ English version of a popular newsletter about Sicilian culture, sport, and business.

li Carusi - the Mine-boys of Sicily ~ An exposure of 'the Shame of Sicily'.

THE SEARCH FOR OUR ANCESTRY ~ Columns detailing the process for identifying immigrants' ancestral towns
and then locating and interpreting original records of birth, marriage and death to build a 'family tree'.

Sicily: LAND OF LOVE & STRIFE ~ A full-length documentary by filmmaker Mark Spano.


  ~ The Lady of the Wheel (La Ruotaia), my first book, inspired by my genealogical research of Sicilian families.  It's a historical novella about foundlings and sulfur mine workers in 1860s Racalmuto, a town in central Sicily.

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