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Here’s some event information for those who have tickets for the Eastern Premiere of Mark Spano's film “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife" on June 25th. (If you don't have tickets to the early showing, a second showing has been added for 10:00 PM.)

FOR THE FIRST SHOWING ONLY: At 6 PM on June 25th, under the marquee at the North Park Theatre, folklorists 'Paolo and Felice', in traditional costume, will sing and play the mandolin. An authentically painted Sicilian 'carretta' (donkey cart) will be on display.

Inside the theatre, starting at 7 PM, a half-hour overture of Italian songs will be sung by Jay Louis Dref, accompanied by pianist Ken Kaufman, after which the featured film will start. Seating for the showing is general.

The North Park Theatre is in an urban setting, and to minimize parking concerns, attendees are encouraged to car-pool or use ride-sharing services. For those who drive, in addition to street parking, Father Joe Wolfe of St. Margaret Roman Catholic Church has graciously made the church parking lot available. The church is at 1395 Hertel Avenue, across the street from the theatre which is at 1428 Hertel. See the map, below.

DVDs of the movie will be available for purchase in the lobby.


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