Don Pasquale DomenicoConiglio

Born: 4 August 1737 ~Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Kingdom of Sicily
Married Donna Rosa Volpe on 1 December 1759: Serradifalco, Caltanissetta, Kingdom of Sicily
Died: Between 1829 and 1833, probably in Serradifalco, in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Meaning of Coniglio [coo-NEEL-yu]: rabbit


     Civil birth records were not made in Sicily before 1820, but I found the church record, in Latin, of the baptism of my great-great-great grandfather Pasquale Domenico Coniglio. 

      In 1737, the Kingdom of Sicily  was part of the Spanish Bourbon empire. 
In 1734, Charles, Duke of Parma, 
the eldest son of King Philip V of Spain, had conquered the kingdoms of Naples and of Sicily, and was crowned as the King of Naples and Sicily on 3 July 1735, reigning as Carlo VII of Naples and Carlo V of Sicily.  The coin of the realm was the Spanish reale
      Pasquale Domenico Coniglio was not a subject of Italy, which did not exist as a nation at the time.  He was a Sicilian.


King Carlo V


      In 1737, American patriots John Hancock and Thomas Paine were born, and the city of Richmond, Virginia was founded.  In the British colonies, Benjamin Franklin established the first American city police force, in Philadelphia. 


From Baptismi (Baptism records)

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici 2012918,  1737 Baptisms, Pasqualis Domenicus Coniglio
                               Die 4 Augusti 1737
     Pasqualis Domus filius Phillipi et
    Vincentia Coniglio jug. natum hodie
     hora Sex noctis circiter fuit baptiza
     tus a me D. Leonardus Cacciatore capus
    Prii fuerunt Domus et Ioanna Vecchio
                               Day 4 August 1737
     Pasquale Domenico son of Filippo and
    Vincenza Coniglio, married, born today at
     about hour Six at night was baptized
    by me Don Leonardo Cacciatore chaplain
    Godparents were Domenico and Giovanna Vecchio,


       My paternal ggg-grandfather Pasquale's marriage record, in Latin, gives his name as 'V.C. Paschalem Coniglio''V.C.' is the abbreviation of 'Vir Clarissimus', meaning 'Most Illustrious Man', or 'Distinguished Gentleman'.  This phrase is translated into Italian as 'Don'.

From Matrimonii Ecclesiastici (Canonical [church] marriage records)

From Serradifalco Registri Ecclesiastici Film 2013010
1759 Marriages, page 9, Paschalis Coniglio and Rosa Volpe

Anno domi 1759 die 1: Dicembris promessis proclamaronibus tribus diebus
        Festibus continuis quarum prima fuit die 18 secunda 25 et
           tertia 30: 9bris inter messorum . . . ..  habita nulloque
           sine legmo, sine canoc . . . . impedimento Ego. d. Joseph
     Guadagnino huj Ter V.C. Paschalem Coniglio f: l: et n: Philip
        pi et Vincentiae jugalib. huj . . . et Rosam Volpe F: leg: et n.
       Hieronimi et Magdalenae Volpe jugbus huj Ter in hoc Matrici
     Ecclesia interrogavi, utnusque mutuo habito consenza per cor
     . . . . . in faciem Ecclesiae matrimonio Conjunti coram testis
        Paulino Lombardo et Sebastianae Blandina , ac . . . . in . .
          . . . . . benedixi
Year of Our Lord 1759 day 1 December banns posted three continuous
    Feast days of which the first was day 18, the second day 25 and
       the third 30 September at the masses . . . .  having no one
       with legal or canonical . . . . objections I, Don Giuseppe
 Guadagnino of this Land, Don Pasquale Coniglio leg.
& nat. son of Filip
  po and Vincenza, married, of here . . and Rosa Volpe leg. + n. daughter
 of Giralomo and Magdalena Volpe, married, of this Land in this Mother
       Church I asked if they both had consented to . . . . . . . . . . .
 . . . . . before the Church were joined in matrimony before witnesses
       Paolino Lombardo and Sebastiano Blandina . . . . . . in . .
       . . . . . I blessed them

Don Pasquale Domenico Coniglio married Donna Rosa Volpe

Known Children

Giuseppe Coniglio 1760 - 1833
(Married Maria Anna Vaccari*) 
Francesco Coniglio: 1 Oct 1760 - ?
Sacerdote (Priest) Raimondo Coniglio: 19 Nov 1764 -
21 Oct 1838
Coniglio: abt 1768 - 17 Jul 1838 (Married Giuseppa Montalto)
Serafina Coniglio: 26 Mar 1777 - 20 Dec 1829
(Married Mariano Ferraro); ancestors of
John Granato
Carlo Coniglio: 20 Dec 1779 - ?
Amodeo Coniglio: 24 Aug 1782 - ?
Anna Coniglio: ? - ?
(Married Giuseppe Vaccari*)

*Giuseppe Vaccari and Anna Vaccari were brother and sister       

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