A Brief History
of Crystal Beach,

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Buffalo's "Coney Island"

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Crystal Beach Park seawall

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The view from the cottage on the hill

The Golden Pier


Thursday morning, September 17, 2009 ~ Scroll right to see the whole photo.

Photo copyrighted by Angelo F. Coniglio 2009


     Crystal Beach, twenty minutes from Buffalo by bus, auto or boat, in the town of the same name on Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada, began as a health spa in the Nineteenth century, became part of the beloved Crystal Beach Amusement Park in the Twentieth, and succumbed to development as the Crystal Beach Tennis and Yacht Club in the Twenty-first.

     Regardless, the real allure of the place is one of the loveliest sand beaches in North America:  southward-facing to catch the sun from early morning through sunset; gently curving to the west to accept near-constant cooling breezes; and blessed with an endless variety of nature's creatures, from fish to fowl.

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Cicadas sing, high in the trees.

Waves whisper at the shore.

A soft and gentle southwest breeze

wafts the whisper of an oar

across the Lake.


Beneath the red and rising sun,

a heron spreads its wings to fly.

Two swallows swoop and swerve as one

against the brilliant azure sky

and leave a rainbow in their wake.


Here, once, the "Comet" clanked and roared.

"Canadiana" crowds debarked

to share the comforts of the shore

and seek the treasures of the Park,

arrayed like gems, in easy reach.


The throngs are gone. The Comet's still,

but not the ever constant breeze;

and cottages up on the Hill

remain to tend the memories

of summer, youth, and Crystal Beach.


                                           Ange Coniglio

                                           Professional Beachcomber



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Other writings

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Karl Josker's

Friends of
Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach

A Natural History
of Crystal Beach

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Click on the Golden Pier image
for a short story by Sammy Tiranno


"The gang", July, 2004.   Click individual for identification.

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Our good neighbors at the beach.

The Potts family  

~ Summer 2005 ~

~ Summer 2012 ~

~ Summer 2015 ~


 The Tricolis ~ Jackie and Marty
~ Summer 2004 ~

Marty Tricoli
 Johnny Tricoli

Chucky (Tricoli), King of the Beach
~ Summer 2004 ~


 Marty Tricoli with
Jean Coniglio and
Ray Silvestro

~ 2006 ~

Jackie Provenzano Tricoli
'Where the ACTION is'
~ 2006 ~


The end of another day in Paradise ~ August 16, 2005

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A small part of the Coniglio Family Reunion ~ July 2006 ~


Why we don't like the "beach cleaner"
Looks like a cornfield, not a beach!
~ August, 2007 ~


A real beach


Even Winter is spectacular at the beach ~ after the ice storm, 31 January, 2008


The Golden Pier ~ 16 June, 2010


Angie Bongiovanni, Pat Poole, Carol Tomaselli, Janet Tomaselli and Rosie Fiorella ~ July 8, 2010


Last day of the season at the beach ~ October 15, 2010

That's me, walking almost to the block,
as the North wind sends the Lake to Buffalo.
Another photo of a sunset at the Beach:
'I got a million of 'em!!'

Family gathering ~ July 2011 Jackie and Shelly cooling their heels at the Beach ~ July 2011


Summer 2011

The Dick and Mina Potts family ~ 'First Family of Crystal Beach'

August 21, 2011

Bailey, Ange, Denise, and Samantha Our birthday present: the Golden Pier at the end of the rainbow.

September 6, 2011 ~ the day after Labor Day, and everyone is gone.  What a shame!


Coniglio Family Week at the Beach ~ 2013


15 and 16 February 2014.  See the article at http://bit.ly/CrystalBeachIceCaves and the video at http://bit.ly/IceCavesVideo


The area is just east of the Palmwood Restaurant



7 July 2014 we had a storm.

8 July 2014 we had a storm AND a (double) rainbow!!


Every day, every hour, every ten minutes, the Lake changes.


Ten minutes after midnight, Sunday morning 10 August, 2014
~ full moon over the pier ~



12 August 2014

3 September 2014 ~ the water sparkled at 4PM . . . .

. . . . and at 11 PM


Sunset 6 September 2014

Moonset 7 September 2014 

Noon 7 September 2014





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Gaetano & Rosina










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