Gia Lauren Coniglio







July 2013

August 2013


Gia fingerpainting, and the result ~ May 2014

June 2014 in Oklahoma City


Gia had her tonsils and adenoids out in early August.  Three days later, down goes the pizza!

September 2014


March 2018


Gia, Spring, Summer and Fall, 2023

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2 3 4 the persons in a  GROUP  are siblings and first cousins, the others are Third Cousins 5
Guy Helen Eala Gia Hannah Rose Alyssa Hope Marie Evelyn Emily Enza         Guy
Julia Nicholas Liana Richard Pierce Zachary
Ray Sarah Haley Catherine                     Ray
Andrew Ryan Margaret                    
Phil Thomas Angelo Aidan                       Phil
Millie Millie
Connie Kenzi Lidia Henry Morgan. Aiden .Lucy Joy Raven Lincoln Alyvia Ashton Leo Donaven Kaylin Connie
Gianna Tucker Garett Zander Gwendolyn Keith Sylas Sutton Jaiden Emalyn
Hayden Blaine Carson
        Harvey           Paislee  
Mary Samantha Rosa Mary
Tony Tony





















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