Adam Michael Steht
Katie Gadell


~ 1995 ~


Graduation from
Southern Illinois University
Magna Cum Laude ~ 2004

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Congratulations to Adam for graduating with
 an MBA from St. Louis University
with a perfect 4.0 average!!!


Adam in the Far East, 2007

Adam and Katie's team, Swim, Bike, Bocce is in
the 2011 Providence, R.I. bocce playoffs.


Adam after the Providence Half-Marathon, 2011


Adam Steht and Katie Gadell's engagement ~ 17 October 2011 ~ click HERE for more


Three years old


Five years old


Seven years old


Ten years old


Twelve years old


Fifteen years old


December First, 1912

            On November 30, 1912, in the church of San Leonardo Abate in the small central Sicilian town of Serradifalco, Gaetano Coniglio, a sulfur miner, married Rosa Alessi, the daughter of a sulfur miner.  As was the local custom, on the next day, December First, they went to the town’s city hall and were re-married in a civil ceremony.  

            Less than six months after their marriage, Gaetano left for America, to Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, to join his brother Giuseppe.  He temporarily left his expectant wife Rosa in Serradifalco.  She joined him in 1914, together with their first son.  

            Over the next seven years, Gaetano worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania and Rosa bore him three more boys before the family picked up and moved to Buffalo, seeking a better opportunity to provide for their growing family.  They settled there, and eventually had six sons and three daughters.  Those children have procreated, and today Gaetano, who died in 1944, and Rosa, who lived until 1972, have over a hundred and twenty-five descendants, scattered throughout America.

             One of those descendants is Adam Michael Steht.


December First, 2012

Katie and Adam were married exactly one hundred years after the civil marriage of Adam's great-grandparents Gaetano Coniglio and Rosa Alessi

Katie and Adam's 2012 Wedding Program Gaetano and Rosa's 1912 Civil Marriage Record Translation of Gaetano and Rosa's 1912 Marriage Record


Uncle Angelo speaking the blessing.


Adam's house brand of Limoncello


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