Going from Wheatfield Blades hockey games to Amherst High School basketball games, changing in the car.

         All the teams she played on:

     Wheatfield Blades Boys' Ice Hockey 

Atoms (above)
Coca Cola Kids
Buffalo On-Line Data
Sports Trade Center
Wheatfield Blades Rep. Team

(She also played hockey in Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium and in Washington, DC's Landover Arena.)

Windemere Boulevard Elementary School

Girls' Track

Amherst Central Senior High School

Girls' JV Basketball
Girls' Soccer
Field Hockey
Girls' Softball
Boys' Club Ice Hockey

New York State Select Team

Girls' Soccer

Battlin' Babes 

Womens' Club Soccer

Nazareth College

Womens' Soccer
Womens' Softball

Empire State Games

Western Scholastic Womens' Soccer
Western Open Womens' Soccer
Central Open Womens' Soccer


Sam's Soccer

Clifton Springs


USISL Womens' Professional Soccer

Rochester Ravens

Amherst Championship

AmherstGoalSmaller.jpg (57483 bytes)

         Winning the high school hockey championship game, being named MVP even after letting in a bushel of goals (one less than the other team!). Winning the Ed Baer award at Amherst; setting the all-time school record for athletic points. Being named Channel 7 "Super Athlete of the Week".

         Playing on the New York Regional Select soccer team at Widener College near West Chester, PA, her hair in "french braids". Trying out for Empire State Games the first time, going to all the practices in blazing heat, in Rochester, for the "Western" Scholastic Womens' soccer team. Her disappointment at only being an alternate.

         Picking "U-pick" fruit with us: apricots in Logan, Utah; blueberries in Cape Cod; apples, with our cousin Angie Cannon, in Niagara County (three, count'em, three Angies - Angela, her mom, and our cousin). When we picked strawberries, she'd hold up an especially big one, laugh, and say "Look, Grandpa's nose!"

         Seeing her stooped over, picking up seashells, at Big Sur, and Sanibel, Cape Cod and Crystal Beach. Her mom once read "The Shell Seekers" by Rosamond Pilcher, then shared it with Angela. She loved it and then read all Pilcher's books. She loved a mystery, too - Ellery Queen, and her favorite, Agatha Christie; and she loved to watch "Twilight Zone", and to hear stories about the Bermuda Triangle, and tales of other strange happenings.



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