The ancient Egyptians believed
that to speak the names of the dead
was to let them live forever.


Speakers for Angela:

        On May 5, 1996 a memorial service was held for Angela. Over seven hundred visitors attended, forming a line around the block, and taking four hours for them all to express their feelings to our family. They were friends, family, colleagues, students, classmates and team-mates of Angela, and they came not only from Amherst and Buffalo, but from Batavia, Rochester, Auburn, Clyde, and Port Byron.

Eulogy for Angela --- Spoken by her Father

Sunday, May 5, 1996

    My wife Angie, my son Angelo, and I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support. this has been a real testimonial of all the love out there for Angela, and we sincerely appreciate it. We want you to know that earlier this week, Msgr. John Ryan said the Catholic prayers for the dead for Angela. We're deeply thankful for Msgr. Ryan's thoughtfulness. We'd like to have a moment of silence now, in prayer for Angela.

    We've all lost loved ones and asked "Why?" . . . But "why" isn't important. What matters is that we all love Angela, and that she loves us. Angela is the shining star of her family. We'll always remember her enthusiasm and energy for the things she loves, and each time we share memories of her, she'll be with us. Don't ever feel that you shouldn't remind us of Angela. We want to hear your memories of her, to help us keep her close to our hearts.

    We have to mourn and grieve now, but the day will come when memories of Angela will brighten our thoughts. We'll treasure each memory and always welcome the chance to share them with you, because through your love for her, you're all now a part of her.

    I believe that there's not just a human race or a human family; I believe that we're all one organism: one person. I'm you, and you're me; and Angela is a part of everyone.

    So every time you see a hockey goalie make a fantastic save, that's Angela. Whenever you see an athlete run like the wind, that's Angela. If you see someone having a "bad hair day", that's Angela. The little things that people may do that remind you of her, are her..

    Angela's name means Angel, which in turn means "Messenger of God." Her message is this: "Be strong. Fight. Always look upward. Strive for the gold."

    We thank God for her existence, and for her spirit that still lives; and we ask him to watch over her forever and to grant her peace.




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