Excerpts From a Letter

    Her teaching methods made it possible to have fun while learning. Every lesson was followed by a story that made it easier to understand what it was we were learning.

    I used to hate school until your daughter started teaching. Her class made it fun to be in school.

    She was a wonderful, caring person. Her spirit lives within every person she touched. Her wisdom made people stop and think.

Cathy Winter
Student, Clyde-Savannah High School


            On June 3, 1996, the faculty, staff, and students of Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School, led by Principal Anthony Patanzo and Student Council President Erin Culver, presented a program in memory of Angela. Erin presented the Class Gift, benches and plantings in an outdoor setting, in remembrance of Angela and others from the Clyde-Savannah family who recently passed away. The program included personal memories, original poems, and performances of some of Angela's favorite songs.

            Students who participated included: Valerie Miller; Kristen Hoyt and Sarah Votra; Beth Culver; Matt Williams, Beth Witter, Hanno Grundmann, and Jessica Goodell; Charisse Poole and Karen Iati; Candace Milliken and Sarah Fowler; Michelle Valder, Rae-Dean Hughes and Amber Seeley; Jessica Arnitz; and the entire Girls' Track Team, for which Angel Engman and Michelle Storto spoke. Some of the remarks made during the program follow.


Beth Culver - Class of 1999 - Clyde Savannah High School

            Things that I learned about, from Miss Coniglio, are things that I will have with me for a lifetime. The impression she left on us is how much she loved kids, and the knowledge of how much she loved us. Rarely does someone touch your life in such a lasting way, in such a short amount of time. I miss my friend, my teacher, and my role model.

            She was an extraordinary role model. She is someone I hope to be like. She is someone whose values I respect and share. Miss Coniglio was a role model not just for women, but for everyone who set goals for themselves. She taught us to be the best we could be, as well as to go after our dreams and our aspirations. She encouraged us to stand up for what we believe in, which is not always popular with everyone, but sometimes opens up doors for others. She was opening doors for us as women in athletics at C. S., now we have to step through those doors. She had a goal of improving athletics, and the eligibility for athletic participation. She believed that we must set high goals for our minds as well as our bodies.



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