The Sun Will Dry Your Tears

                                                            The life you led will teach us,
                                                            and will give us all you knew,
                                                            The path you make will guide us,
                                                            and we'll all be better because of you.

                                                            It is not the handsome player or
                                                            even the football star,
                                                            It's the teacher who not just taught us,
                                                            but put us where we are.

                                                            The pain of having known you,
                                                            makes it hard to say goodbye,
                                                            but it was better to have known you,
                                                            than not sit here with tears streaming from my eyes.

                                                            Was it just your generosity
                                                            that made you want to give,
                                                            Or, was it all your values,
                                                            that showed us how to live.

                                                            Why is it that God must take from us,
                                                            the people that we love,
                                                            Were they through with all their teaching,
                                                            so they went back to help Him up above?

                                                            Had you already given all you had,
                                                            in hopes that we'd succeed,
                                                            Had you realized you'd given us
                                                            more than we'll ever need?

                                                            Why is it that it starts to rain,
                                                            when we just began to dry,
                                                            and then God gives us all the sun,
                                                            when we need to cry?

                                                            The tears will soon be gone, my friends,
                                                            and the ache will fade away,
                                                            But the memories, oh, how wonderful,
                                                            are always there to stay.

                                                                                    Kristin Grillo - Class of '99
                                                                                    Notre Dame High School



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