Jim Darnell - Clyde-Savannah High School Science Department

            On behalf of the faculty and especially of the Science Department of Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School, I would like to share with you our special remembrances of Angela Yvonne Coniglio --- our colleague and our friend.

            Of Angela's 30 years, she was with us here at Clyde-Savannah for only 9 months -- but time enough to give us glimpses of her life, before she came into our lives, and time enough to leave us powerful memories and images of her.

            Those of us who have had the pleasure to have shared this time with her know most certainly that it is not the quantity of her years, but rather the quality of them that is the most important thing; and it is not how she died that is important, but rather how she lived. She taught us that by how well she lived each moment of the time she shared with us. And though the time was short, she taught us much about living life to its fullest.

            Here are some of the things we remember well about Angela:


. . . . . being neatly attired in a black suit, so confident and self assured at her interview. It was only 1 week before school began and though hopeful, we did not expect to find the highest quality teachers at such a late date. We were wrong! After only a few moments talking to Angela it was clear that here was a person who loved to teach, was born to teach and was the biology teacher we wanted on our team. She indeed was of the highest quality! We hired her on the spot though we had more interviews scheduled.

. . . . . being tough on her students (and herself) -- demanding the best one had to offer always. She taught her students to strive for excellence in everything they did. But she also showed that her toughness was always tempered with a love and concern for all of them.

. . . . . having her classroom overflowing with students at voluntary review sessions before major tests. If we needed to see her then, we couldn't. Her students always came first; we would have to wait, and were happy to do it.

. . . . . exhibiting strong moral values. She had a strong faith in God and in the goodness of every person. She shared her positive values with her students and colleagues in a natural non-threatening way. She filled her classroom windows and bulletin boards with upbeat and inspirational posters and articles.




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