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Awarded each year to a Senior Woman at  Amherst Central High School

who best reflects Angela's qualities: 

Athletic Excellence and a Commitment to Education


1997 Carolyn Walsh
1998  Katherine Moore
1999  Lindsay Sornberger
2000  Laura Mallia
2001 Jennifer Koeppel
2002 Kelly Parkot
2003 Khrista Trerotola
2004 Katelyn Rudolph
2005 Ashley Yantomasi
2006 Emily Warren

2007 Christine Domres LeGoff
2008 Daisy Timlin
2009 Eva Lankes
2010 Casey McGuire
2011 Kristy Luce
2012 Allison Johnson
2013 Emma Smith
2014 Taylor Balser
2015 Angelina Simon
2016 Amanda Roberts


           In 1999, gifts from friends and family were combined with funds from Angela's estate and gifted to the Amherst Central School District.   The award grew from $250, to $850 in 2001, to $1,000 in 2014.   Later gifts from friends and family have increased the fund, and future awards are expected to increase.  In 2016, the funds were transferred to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, where they will generate a perpetual endowed scholarship for future Amherst Central High School women.