Elizabeth Jacobia


    The twenty-second recipient of the Angela Coniglio Memorial Scholarship, presented at the Amherst Central High School Awards Assembly on June 8, 2018, was senior Elizabeth Jacobia.  Elizabeth received an award of $1,024, provided by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.
     Elizabeth is an outstanding student who has challenged herself throughout high school with Advanced Placement, College Level and Honors classes. 
     She has been on the High Honor Roll and is graduating with an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors. She is in the National Honors Society and was selected to the NFHCA National Academic Squad as an All WNY Scholar-Athlete.

     In addition to her building a strong academic foundation, Elizabeth has earned the respect of the entire faculty and her peers alike.
She is involved in, and contributed to both the school and community, through various clubs, activities and athletics throughout her four years

     Elizabeth is a natural leader who has stepped up to each and every challenge.  She is an Amherst Pathfinder, a mentor to younger students, assisting their transition to high school.   

     She participated in the Italian Exchange Program as one of twelve local students to host a counterpart from Italy in 2017, then visited her host in Europe for three weeks in 2018. She participated in the ACHS Spanish Club, and also the Captain's Club, as a captain of the Field Hockey team, and interned after her sophomore year at the Erie County Medical Center.
     She was in the ACHS 'DECA' program, learning leadership, Communication and business skills, and volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House and Rides for Roswell while holding down jobs at Wegmans and babysitting.

     In addition to four years on the Field Hockey team as team MVP and Second Team All-WNY, she played Lacrosse as a Section VI finalist, and also played Softball.  Her coaches are unanimous in their praise for her, as an outstanding team member and leader, continually working to improve herself.


      Elizabeth will major in Chemistry at Hobart and William Smith College, where she'll play Field Hockey.

To see video of the award to Elizabeth, click here.

June 27, 2018

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Coniglio,

             I wanted to thank you for the Angela Coniglio Memorial Award. I am honored to be a part of this amazing scholarship. Angela is truly inspiring and a great role model for me. Her strength and wisdom affected others in the best way. After learning more about her work in schools I can see why she is loved so much. She was relatable and driven, which are qualities that I aspire to have. She was an incredible athlete that not only had respect on the field but off the field. She motivated and pushed teammates as much as she challenged herself to be better. This is something that I will constantly think of as I further my field hockey career in college.

            Angela and I have many things in common which made this award very special to me. I learned she was the captain of her field hockey team. I can only hope that I was half the captain she was. I wished she could have been my captain to teach me and push me to do my best every practice and every game. Her positive attitude would connect several individual parts to become a unit, a team.

            She was admired by so many people throughout her whole life. By adults, friends, family, students, and teammates. The schools she taught at, the colleges she attended, the high school she attended, and several other groups noticed her significance in the community. She touched many lives and her message is remembered. We must work hard to accomplish our goals. We determine what we can accomplish. I try to live by these morals everyday to not only improve my fitness and play but to improve my relationships and mind.

            Angela has also inspired me to be more confident when going to college with a chemistry mindset. Her success proves that being a collegiate athlete with a science major is doable. She also shows that being a woman with a science major can make such a large impact on other people’s lives.

            The stories and memories of Angela show her sense of humor which I can relate to. I love making people laugh. I loved the stories about Angela and Angelo doing things together because I have two little sisters that I am always doing fun things with. We can always find something to turn into entertainment.

            I will bring the lessons and memory or Angela everywhere I go as motivation to be the best person I can be. I will think about all her success to guide myself to find my success. Thank you again for this award. I am honored to be a recipient of an award that was given to some of the best women from Amherst. Thank you for passing Angela’s story to me because I will use it and remember it for the rest of my life.

            I will keep in touch as I continue on to college. Thank you so much again.


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